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My Way Out matches returning Wisconsin citizens with personalized support services for successful reentry.


My Way Out is led by an honorably discharged Navy veteran of over 6 years who is the co-founder of a nonprofit 501 (c) 3 organization and diverse board of directors created to empower and enrich the lives of justice-impacted individuals and create equitable economic opportunities by reducing barriers to employment through technology, living wage jobs and partnerships with second-chance employers. As a justice-involved individual and being told that, “His life and career were over,” upon returning home after years of incarceration. He decided to challenge the status- quo and now is providing opportunities and hope to individuals who have walked in his shoes.

My Way Out connects with individuals prior to release and shortly thereafter to onboard interested clients to its anti-bias mobile app and to begin helping them navigate today’s technology system and the workforce. In addition, personalized safety net services are coordinated including housing, transportation, access to healthy food, and healthcare. In 2021, over 63,000 individuals were on probation, parole, and extended supervision. Without employment and support services, 90% may return to prison. As we continue to grow and impact justice-involve individuals and their families, we need your

support to continue to provide opportunities to our individuals and families.

Other Ways to Donate:

If you’d like to donate, but prefer to mail a check please direct it to:

My Way Out

P.O. Box 70620

Milwaukee, WI 53207


If using a Donor Advised Fund, our identification number is: 87-1385421

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact:

Make a Donation

Newsletter publication for all WI correctional facilities providing key information on our pre-release and post-release services.

Provides one month of emergency housing for 10 participants.

Sponsors 60 participants in the six-week Bridging the Tech Gap for Returning Citizen program (including FREE laptop).

Provides one year of personalized reentry services and support for 60 participants.

There is no such thing as a small amount. 

$50 - Assists justice-impacted individuals with misc. needs.
$100 - Provides 4 justice-impacted individuals with gas cards or bus passes.
$150 - Gift card to assist a justice-impacted family with groceries.

Each individual’s mistake does not define who they are but what they do afterward

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