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Parallel Lines

2023 Annual Report 


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Supportive Services

In less than 3 years, with support from our valued donors, My Way Out has exceeded expectations and delivered powerful and personalized support to over 350 justice-impacted individuals in 2023.

Message From Our Executive Director
Ruben Gaona

As we reflect on the extraordinary work accomplished by My Way Out in 2023 despite limited resources, the impact has been nothing short of incredible. Our Reaching In Helping Out programs have continued to make a significant difference in the lives of justice-involved individuals. We’re proud to announce the graduation of 40 individuals from our Bridging the Tech Gap for Returning Citizens Workshop and the successful completion of our Building a Path to Success Workshop, where 10 justice-impacted individuals graduated within the Milw. Co. Community Reintegration Center. In addition, we provided vital housing and rental assistance to 11 individuals. Amidst these achievements, we are capturing compelling success stories that showcase the transformative impact of our ongoing efforts. Looking ahead to 2024, I am filled with anticipation for the continued growth and positive change we can inspire. My Way Out remains steadfast in its mission to demonstrate that ‘mistakes do not define one’s identity’ but rather illuminate the potential for transformative actions and renewed purpose. Thank you for your ongoing support as we work towards a future where everyone has the opportunity to rebuild their lives and thrive!

Message From Our Board President
Karen Coy-Romano

Through early and long-term interventions with justice-impacted adults led by staff with lived experience, we bring credibility
and the competencies needed in collaboration with community stakeholders to prevent/eliminate recidivism, as well as document evidence-based practices that may shape opportunities for systemic change. MWO is a long-standing member and collaborator with the Milwaukee Community Justice Reentry Committee with 70 organizations. In 2024, we are honored to establish an E
xecutive Advisory Council with 10 high-profile community and business leaders with active interests in reentry practices and policies that support individuals and families and create healthy and safe communities. We thank you for your partnership!

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