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Annual Report 2022


Client Onboards


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Community Savings



Employment Retention

Using the voices of lived experience to build equity,
empowerment and pathways of opportunity.

Message From Our Executive Director: Ruben Gaona


In 2017 I was told that "My life and career were over and to settle for a bare minimum paying job." After serving a 10-year Federal sentence, I decided not to believe the stigma that just because I was charged with a felony, it would forever label me as a failure. After completing my first year as Executive Director for My Way Out, I am proud to say that seeing the impact we have made with the amount of revenue and reduced staff has been amazing. I am eager to continue to show the world that, "Our mistakes do not define who we are, but what we do afterward." We can only do something if we are truly provided a second chance. I look forward to what 2023 has for us at My Way Out and our clients and how we can better serve them.


Thank you to all our partners who have assisted us in 2022!

Message From Our Board of Directors President: Karen Coy-Romano

It has been over one year since I was nominated as Board President after co-founder, Eli Rivera, stepped down to focus on The Way Out. The vision of both founders, Eli Rivera and Ruben Gaona, now Executive Director of MWO, and the tremendous impact of our contribution to evidence-based practices and sustainable solutions for reentry services, our capacity to track the needs and goals of the hundreds of justice-impacted individuals every year with personalized wraparound support services is beyond amazing. It has been an honor to work with two amazing Latino entrepreneurs and our board of directors who not only have the vision of what is needed in reentry but engage the voices of each individual in designing their own pathway to economic success and family reintegration.

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