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Sarwat Sharif

Director at Large

Sarwat Sharif is currently a Ph.D. Candidate in the Social Welfare department at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, focusing her research on the experiences of Black men within the carceral state and its profound impact on individuals reintegrating into society after involvement in the criminal legal system. Employing narrative criminology, her research delves into the grassroots ramifications of administrative policies, aiming to uncover their influence on reentry outcomes.
In her professional journey, Sarwat has actively contributed as a research assistant on numerous criminal legal and violence prevention projects, securing funding from both private and public granting organizations. She has coauthored federal and state reports, showcasing her commitment to impactful research in these critical areas.
Prior to embarking on her graduate studies, Sarwat accumulated over 15 years of professional experience in diverse organizations across Pakistan, Turkey, and Kenya. During this time, she held various roles within IT and communication departments, engaging with community members through participatory initiatives and mentoring programs. This rich blend of academic rigor and practical experience uniquely positions Sarwat as a dynamic and dedicated researcher and professional.

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