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How it Works

My Way Out

My Way Out provides hope when little exists. We have a positive track record of reducing barriers to employment. My Way Out establishes real-time communication between returning citizens, reentry and supportive services providers and second-chance employers.

How it Works

My Way Out uses the most up-to-date technology solutions created by The Way Out, to establish real

time communication between returning citizens, reentry service providers, additional supportive service providers, and employers.

By using the latest technology, we establish a clear and concise personalized reentry plan for our clients who are then able to track their own progress while accomplishing their personal and professional goals as they set off on their reentry journey.

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Join My Way Out

If you are a justice-impacted individual, you can register here to onboard yourself to our platform. Please select which supportive services you are in need of and you will be immediately matched with a primary reentry service provider that will help you on your reentry journey. 

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