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Decorah Gordon

Director at Large

Born and raised in Milwaukee, WI in the 53208-zip code; the majority of my life has gone towards making the best out of unfortunate circumstances, events, or situations. A daughter to a single mother, a child of poverty, later a teenage mom, and the sister of my justice-impacted brother, is where I come from. In college, I would pursue paralegal along with social and civil justice studies after my life experiences. A little over a decade now, I have been an employee of We Energies; where I found my passion as a union member to make a difference inside and outside of the workplace.

Nearly 8 years ago I became a steward, or representative, for the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, Local Union 2150. From there I would go on to work with many organizations with the mission of creating a relationship between Labor and the Community. Next, I would gain the pleasure to begin serving on the executive or board of directors for the following: International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, LU 2150; Milwaukee Area Labor Council - recently nominated as an officer, after one term on the board, for Secretary and Chairwoman for Civil Rights; WRTP | BIG STEP - along with one of the two seats held on the Executive Committee for Labor and lastly, Wisconsin AFL-CIO (American Federation of Labor and Congressional Industry Organizations) holding the seat for Constituency Groups connected to Labor in Wisconsin. My seats currently go through 2025.

The work that My Way Out does for the community and the community members, bridges many gaps. It is our responsibility as a society to provide opportunities, forgiveness, support, and structure. From the family aspect of the organization to the intentionality behind every person entering programming - the goal is success. With success comes relationships, commitment, and overcoming. My Way Out provides an opportunity without judgment; allowing mothers, fathers, sons, daughters, and more, to reclaim their lives and rewrite their story.

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